Twice a month?!

Hi all, so… some exciting news!!!!

We are going to be trialing from January a second event each month until April. These trial events are subject to change as the Upper Room May have other events running which will take priority so we maybe moved to another part of the building for that additional event. This is all part of the trial to see what works well, see if it is sustainable with members and cafe staff etc. The upper room staff have been excellent turning this round so quickly and I hope this maybe the next stage in the growth of the board room.

Spread the word folks!!!

NOTE : this will not affect our International Tabletop 12 hour event !


November Event 10/11/18

Missed the October event.

November Event not far away!!

10th November 2018 9:30 until 3:30pm

Usual place

Go to our Facebook group to also see about our beer and an idea meeting to help form the future of the board room.

October Event is next weekend!! Sign Up Now!!

Cheadle Board Room October Event is next Saturday 9:30am until 3:30pm . Come join us for a game or to.

We now do everything including War games , space to paint miniatures ( please book in advance on the fb group for war games as tables are limited)

Come meet new people, try a new hobby.

Can’t make this new one , join our Facebook group, join the conversations, see future events!

Who says we don’t do two player games?

Who says the board room doesn’t do two player games?!

This was something that came up in the member survey 2018. Just to confirm the board room accepts all board, miniature, RPG , dexterity , party and other game types that could be played in a family friendly atmosphere… sorry no cards against humanity.

We also do not mind 2,3, 4 – 100 player games if they exist. So please bring any games you want along.

The October event is in two weeks so please bring any games you would like to play. If you want make sure someone is able to play a game you want to run post it on the event page.

Don’t forget to sign up on the Facebook group so we have numbers etc.

Facebook hacked.

To all our board room members , as you may know Facebook has been hacked . What we can say is at the moment , the board room Facebook group so far has not been affected. We would advise watching here for more details about events until we have had confirmation that is resolved